That Cat Again

This is the best photo!


Let me tell you a story.

While we were away my brother house and pet sat.

He went away for the weekend, and while he was away my in-laws looked after the animals.

This cat was very naughty and made people wait until all hours before coming in for the night.

And then he stopped coming home all together.

Brother Josh came home from camp Sunday afternoon and late Tuesday night (I think) he told me that he hadn’t seen the cat since he’s been away.  We found out the  last time he’d been seen was Sunday morning.

People came to the house to have a search for him, nothing.

My heart was heavy.  Cayley LOVES this cat.

We’re getting ready to come home Wednesday night and Thursday morning and more than once Cayley mentions how much she is looking forward to cuddling him.  Still no news on the appearance of the cat.

We didn’t tell her he was missing and prayed and hoped for the best possible outcome.

We get home.  Brett lets the kids inside, we back the caravan in (it’s a bit tricky), Brett opens the back gate to plug into power – and there he is in the backyard.

Like I said, this is the best photo!


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