Not My Best Morning

Monday morning.

It did not go well.

We discovered a lack of milk for breakfast. That’s okay, I’ll run down the shops and get some (with a bit of a huff and a puff).
A lack of bread for lunch. That’s okay, I’ll let them have a lunch order.
A lack of lunch order bags. That’s okay, I’ll use an envelope.
Then we discovered head lice.  The possibility had arisen earlier over the weekend, but I had not followed up on it sufficiently.  This was the straw that broke the camels back.

It was not pretty. Elisha had to be at a different school early for string ensemble so he went first. Hair shaved off, treatment in.

Then Jos. He does not like having his hair cut.  At all.  I was not patient. I was not gentle.

Well I dropped Elisha off to his ensemble, came home washed out Jos’ hair.  Tied Cayley’s up really tightly and sent them off to school… without me, so that I could head out again and pick Elisha up and take him to school.

Elisha had no goggles for swimming lessons.  I was going to head out and get some then take them to him… but then I was reminded I had a meeting to be at – which I was now going to be late for.  Argh!  And I was supposed to take something along.  Double argh!!  No fuel in the car.  Another argh!!! I picked up the zucchini for the food I was going to take to the meeting and got fuel.  Went home and cleaned up all the haircut mess.  The vacuum didn’t handle all that hair too well.  Started the recipe – discovered a missing item (which later turned up in my pantry after all… ironic!)  and gave up on it.  Just headed out to the meeting, sorting out goggles for Elisha on the way.

It was interesting that even as all my bad behaviour was spewing out of me I was aware of it.  I’d prayed earlier that morning for patience and gentleness.  Under testing I failed.  I am becoming more and more aware of my need for my Saviour.

Thank God that he’s provided one.  One who knows what it’s like to have a trying day.  Yet he did not fail.  Thank God, thank you God.

Something else I realised in the midst of all the fuss was just how self-sufficient the kids are getting.  Cayley and Jos walked to school without me.  Without me!


I just had to capture the moment.  In the madness of mornings like this it is easy to forget how little time I have left to mother and nurture and train my precious children.  O Father, more gentleness and patience for me please!


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