I scrapbooked.  This one simple page has taken me all month, but it is the first page that I have done in well over a year.

I’ve missed it, but I am struggling to make time to do this favourite past time.  Something I’m thinking about and working on.  Obviously with baby steps.



I did this page with the inspiration of the March challenge at the Kraft + blog.

A very old photo and very old products but another story told.

Back In Action

I have been laid low by a cold of very few symptoms – just a sore throat and extreme lack of energy.  But I’m getting back to normal now and hope to post soon.

I missed a couple of days worth of photos and that makes me sad.  But I will press on.  The photos I have been taking while unwell I think I will find have been less than stellar, but at least they got taken.

My kids can expect to be shot this afternoon. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled.

What’s Been Cooking #2

Plenty of cooking been going on.  Ready for it?

20150303175808Creamy tuna pasta from TRTLMT and
Apple Slaw from SkinnyMixers

20150303182550-2Caramel self saucing pudding from the Recipe Community.

20150305211431-2Chewy chocolate and date  biscuits from MrsD plus 3

20150305211458Vegetable risoni bake from TRLTMT

20150309184753Pumpkin biscuits from TRTLMT

20150310154503Carrot and cashew salad from Natural New Age Mum

20150313074727Strawberry breakfast shake – my own concoction

Oats, strawberries, banana (frozen and fresh), yoghurt and milk.

20150313080838Mini calzones from TRTLMT

20150315074434Italian style baked eggs from My Fitness Pal (I didn’t have capsicum so I added ham instead).

20150315095043Crunchy muesli bars from the Recipe Community

Hope this inspires you to get Thermomixing!  And just to mention briefly, there is a great offer available this month (in Australia) for anyone hosting a demonstration.  Contact a demonstrator to find out more!


Watching Them Watching

We took a trip to the zoo earlier in March.  Making good use of our year pass we received for Christmas.

I love the zoo.

But I do have a lot of zoo photos.

So this time I decided to take some photos of them as they were watching and moving around the zoo.  It was only a quick visit, so not a lot of opportunity, and these are the kind of situations I seem to not do so well with.  Practise makes perfect. 20150302150747 20150302154233 20150302160351

An Unplanned Trip To The Beach

A week or so ago, I looked around my house, and what did I see?  I saw three children each on a different ‘screen’ device playing games by themselves and very content.

However, seeing this did not make this mother happy.  It made her sad.  It made her mad.

“Get off,” she cried, “We’re going to the beach.”

Yes, there was some complaining but everyone got off, and got ready in their own way.

Actually, just before we walked out the door the power went off, so it was really quite well timed.

We had a great time, and I want to make spur of the moment trips out a little more habitual.

2015022618343720150226183529 20150226184745 20150226190100



What’s Been Cooking? #1

You may or may not know that I love cooking in my Thermomix.  I thought it might be fun to occasionally share some of what we’ve been creating.


20150225211417Teeny Teddies from TRTLMT.

20150226173427Raspberry cordial, which I then froze to make icy poles.

20150301105924-2Melting moments with buttercream icing.  Cayley made the biscuits, and I made the icing. From ThermOMG.

20150301112510Mexican seasoning from the recipe community.

20150301125818I used the Mexican seasoning in a sandwich filling** from The Organised Housewife, and used that to fill some spinach wraps I found on the recipe community.

20150301141646Passata from TRTLMT.

20150301190312Beef Ragout Lasagne from Erin Made This**

20150302085157Tropical Green Smoothie** from Jessica in the Kitchen.

** Some of these recipes are not for the Thermomix, but are quite easily converted.  I will in some spare time convert them and put them in the recipe community.

Hope you’ve enjoyed having a look at ‘What’s Been Cooking?’