What’s Been Cooking? #1

You may or may not know that I love cooking in my Thermomix.  I thought it might be fun to occasionally share some of what we’ve been creating.


20150225211417Teeny Teddies from TRTLMT.

20150226173427Raspberry cordial, which I then froze to make icy poles.

20150301105924-2Melting moments with buttercream icing.  Cayley made the biscuits, and I made the icing. From ThermOMG.

20150301112510Mexican seasoning from the recipe community.

20150301125818I used the Mexican seasoning in a sandwich filling** from The Organised Housewife, and used that to fill some spinach wraps I found on the recipe community.

20150301141646Passata from TRTLMT.

20150301190312Beef Ragout Lasagne from Erin Made This**

20150302085157Tropical Green Smoothie** from Jessica in the Kitchen.

** Some of these recipes are not for the Thermomix, but are quite easily converted.  I will in some spare time convert them and put them in the recipe community.

Hope you’ve enjoyed having a look at ‘What’s Been Cooking?’




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