What’s Been Cooking #2

Plenty of cooking been going on.  Ready for it?

20150303175808Creamy tuna pasta from TRTLMT and
Apple Slaw from SkinnyMixers

20150303182550-2Caramel self saucing pudding from the Recipe Community.

20150305211431-2Chewy chocolate and date  biscuits from MrsD plus 3

20150305211458Vegetable risoni bake from TRLTMT

20150309184753Pumpkin biscuits from TRTLMT

20150310154503Carrot and cashew salad from Natural New Age Mum

20150313074727Strawberry breakfast shake – my own concoction

Oats, strawberries, banana (frozen and fresh), yoghurt and milk.

20150313080838Mini calzones from TRTLMT

20150315074434Italian style baked eggs from My Fitness Pal (I didn’t have capsicum so I added ham instead).

20150315095043Crunchy muesli bars from the Recipe Community

Hope this inspires you to get Thermomixing!  And just to mention briefly, there is a great offer available this month (in Australia) for anyone hosting a demonstration.  Contact a demonstrator to find out more!


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